Who We Serve

Here's just a few of the industries we serve



Our experience goes back to our earliest days in working with legal firms to help them leverage their technology and legal applications. VentureNet is a trusted advisor for many legal firms in North Texas.



We help accounting professionals move to the cloud and leverage cloud infrastructure to protect client data in one affordable, predictable operational monthly fee. We have access to financial professionals that can help you capitalize and improve your team’s proficiency in industry-leading tools such as Intuit, Sage, Thomas Reuters, and more.



Inspire innovation with better project management, improved collaboration, and best-in-class drafting and design software such as AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp. We optimize your workflow and mitigate cyberthreats while you focus on impressing clients.



Get to know our HIPAA/HITECH-compliant IT services for healthcare clinics, private practices, medical billing, and claims processing companies that help you improve service quality and ensure electronic health data privacy. We provide you with proactive management and support for your systems and data for maximum patient care and zero downtime.



We proactively manage your dental practice technology and protect your patient data so you can focus your efforts on delivering happy, healthy smiles. This includes fast and unlimited support for all your network and computer issues from our team of dedicated IT professionals.



Manufacturers need robust automation, production, and ERP systems to ensure streamlined operations and business success. From technical implementations to full-scale managed IT services, we create modern, secure, and efficient working spaces for your employees and guests.

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