Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We help organizations increase business resilience and bounce back quickly after an unexpected disaster or shutdown.

Are you confident that your organization is ready to handle a crisis? VentureNet’s Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery helps you prepare for disruptive events so you can protect your critical systems, business data, and personnel from natural and man-made threats.

Critical data loss and extended downtime can be fatal to your business. Our Business Continuity solution equips your business with a detailed communication and action plan to get your operations back to full functionality after an unexpected interruption. This plan includes identifying your critical systems and information and developing a backup and recovery strategy for each possible disaster scenario.

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We’ll help you build a strong business continuity plan with:

  • Regular Data Backups – onsite disk-to-disk backup with off-site encrypted backup in the cloud at multiple data centers as well as backup coverage for all your cloud resources
  • Testing – we can review and test your business continuity plan with your team to ensure its relevance
  • Business Continuity Plans – our BCP service can help you plan business continuity including how you will communicate and manage your employees, vendors, and clients in emergency situations
  • Review – we can make recommendations and participate in your regularly scheduled continuity review process

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