Cloud Services

VentureNet’s Cloud Services offer go-anywhere security and accessibility with significant cost savings.

As work environments become more complex, businesses need cloud-based tools to ensure that their employees are equipped to perform tasks efficiently, no matter where they are. VentureNet has helped companies in the DFW Metroplex areas embrace the cloud and reach new levels of productivity with leading collaboration, project management, and data storage solutions.

More than achieving workforce mobility, our Maximized Cloud Services save you capital and maintenance costs with a subscription-based pricing. Every service includes a broad set of state-of-the-art protection for your data, apps, and infrastructure from cyberthreats so you can run your business smoother and faster with complete peace of mind.

Is your business work from home ready? Create a secure and sustainable mobile-ready business with VentureNet today.

The benefits of our Cloud Services include:

  • Industry Tailored Cloud Solutions – we are trusted advisors who will provide a near- and long-term cloud strategy with clear timelines and budget
  • Extensive Services – our services include Microsoft Hosted Cloud Solutions and a variety of other cloud-based solutions including print services, network and security monitoring, data and email backup, just to name a few
  • Cost-Efficiency – we provide solutions that make sense and don't break the bank
  • Depth and Breadth of Expertise – we offer 30 years of outstanding IT services to a wide range of businesses, including legal, accounting, medical, and manufacturing sectors

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