Client Referrals

Earn up to $1200 in VentureNet’s Client Referral Program

We truly appreciate the trust you put in us at VentureNet and realize you’re extending that trust by putting your name on the line for us in a referral. We created this referral program for you, to show our appreciation for your trust and kindness. VentureNet’s mission is to create success for our clients through best-in-class IT solutions. We work to empower our clients to create stories of success that become the foundation of great businesses and we will do all we can to do the same for your referral.

Clients who Refer us New Clients.

  • $100 for warm introduction to appropriate decision maker of a referral of at least 15 managed users. Please call Gary or Jonathan to see if your client referral qualifies.
  • $100 if we are able to setup a face-to-face appointment with the appropriate decision maker.
  • $1000 after the second month of the referrals’ onboarding with VentureNet as a managed services monthly client.

Make a referral

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